Saturday, September 19, 2009

My First Post

I created this blog because I have really gotten into going to others blogs and seeing how they are saving information of the present for the future. Writing is not my forte at all, so bear with me. The old writings may be rough around the edges but will hopefully get my point across. I tend to write a lot of letters in my head, this may be my chance to get them "down on paper." I have a thousand letters in my head I have written to each dear daughter, especially as I would rock them in the middle of the night as they drank their milk. I hope to capture some of the enormous love and gratitude I have for both girls.

FAMILY: the single most important thing to both Ben and I. I feel so lucky to have two great girls who love on us daily.

Today was a lazy almost-fall day... Went and watched my first Pink Panther soccer game. Quincee played defender and forward. She is shy about getting in and kicking the ball, but she can run fast. Tillee and I got wet as we watched, but Tills enjoyed playing with the "new" umbrella we got from Tori. Quincee and her team played well for it being a rainy day. She informed me this morning after she saw it was raining outside..."I am not playing next year!" Oh, I hope she changes her mind!! Not to be a pageant parent, but I think sports for young kids is a good idea.

Later on, we played Sequence for kids and Candyland. Good time to just snuggle and talk and drink our apple cider! Off to Oktoberfest tomorrow...

Ben will be home in the morning, went with Jason to hang trail cam at TenMile...hopefully he fixed the water system too!!

Til next time,

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