Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My First Bento

Quincee's lunch    
When researching new lunch ideas, I found a bunch of American moms with bento blogs.  I love the bento idea:  healthy, homemade lunches, with less waste.  The focus is on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and fun designs that kids enjoy in a small convenient box.  This will work out perfectly for Quincee, who tearfully told me that last year I packed her too much food and she could never eat it all. I just didn't want her to go hungry  :)  Since she was little, Quincee has not really been into food, though she is getting better. 

So today I packed a "nest" of sliced Fri Chik (fake meat we've been eating for years), a fresh mozzerella ball for the little birdie, broccoli trees, corn off the cob, 2 small heart jelly sandwiches, and tapioca pudding.   

I packed a similar lunch for Tillee at the same time, even though I am off work today.  This saves time and cleanup duty later.  She wanted a lunch in the new EasyLunchBox that I found at EasyLunchBox.com. 

Quincee is very excited about the bento lunch, and enjoys going to blogs where they post lots of bento ideas/lunches they have made their children.  Mine is definitely a beginner bento, but it was fun putting it together!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Miss 2nd Grader

Quincee and her BFF, Natalie

Quincee & Natalie with their matching backpacks and lunchboxes

Quincee & Teacher Barb 

No Cavities!!

Yay!!  The girls went to the dentist, and loved it!  They each enjoyed their time at the dentist.  Who wouldn't...   a movie on a flat screen TV above their head while their teeth were being cleaned, a fun waiting room, and lots of prizes to take home. They even got a 5x7 picture taken, and printed out on the spot with their bright smiles! Quincee watched the new Alice in Wonderland and Tillee watched a Disney Princess movie.  

The dentist said that both girls have healthy mouths.  Woohoo!!  Their new Sonicare for Kids have been doing the trick!  After their teeth were cleaned, their teeth were so white.  Their smiles are so pretty :)   


Thursday, August 19, 2010


The girls wanted their hair straightened.  I think they look very cute, but I miss Tillee's curls.  They'll be back tomorrow!

Now off to the Dentistry for Kids in Wilsonville.  The office looks amazing online.  They even have a teen office which looks like a diner.  


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quincee and Tillee Go Camping at Metzler Park

In July, we went camping with Uncle Jay, Aunt Ang, Cousin Kassidy, Amos and Jazmine.  "My favorite thing to do is go down to the river and walking across to the other side with Kassidy and Jay," says Quincee.  "My favorite part was going to the river and going swimming." says Tillee.  "Oh and the marshmellows!" adds Tillee. Other things that we did were:  walking Amos and Jazmine, playing at the park, playing kickball, sleeping in the tent trailer, roasting hot dogs, running up and down the hill, and eating candy.  Look at our pictures....

We love going on our ANNUAL NIECE CAMPOUT!
Aunt Ang, guest blogger

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Heart Mom!

August 5th is National Judy Day, otherwise known as her birthday :)  Happy Birthday!  

 10 things you don't know about Judy:
-  She was born in Fresno, CA
-  She married my dad when she was 16, and my dad credits her wisdom to the fact that they bought their house on 5th Street.  
-  She makes a mean Mississippi Mud, and won't share the recipe with the family, especially Tammy Wease :)
-  She loves Goodwill, and gets some amazing deals there.
-  She would do absolutely anything for her family, she is so generous and selfless.
-  She worked at Big Burger Drive-in for 25+ years, she was 14 or 15 when she started.  Tons of people still remember her from there.  Not a day goes by when I work that I am not asked "How is your mom doin?"
-  Everyone admires Judy for her determination, strength, sense of humor, generosity, go-get 'em, say it like it is nature.
-  She is an excellent baker:  cookies, pies, dilly rolls, etc.  are made to perfection.  Her snickerdoodle recipe is legendary.
-  She won't touch the computer.
-  She nicknamed my husband "Muffy" which he has now lived with for almost 20 years.  He tried to talk her out of it, but there is no arguing with Judy!
-  She is the queen of joke presents!

Ok, that is 11, but I couldn't leave out the joke presents.  

My Mom and Dad
Anyways, Happy Birthday MOM!!  
I love you,